Publication Date : 01/08/2014

Author(s) :

Lukman A. Yusuf, Nuraddeen Magaji.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 9
Issue 2
(08 - 2014)

Abstract :

Stability is a very necessary state in control system and it becomes more difficult to achieve for a non-linear system. This paper looked at Fuzzy Logic Control (FLC) of Inverted pendulum for the control of the angle position. A conventional Proportional plus Integra plus Derivative (PID) controller was used to validate the proposed scheme. The FLC scheme was designed with the joint angle error and its derivative as the input to the controller. The Fuzzy controller provides control signal (force) that keep the angle of the pendulum at an equilibrium point despite disturbances. On the other hand, a model based PID controller was designed by turning its gains to achieve a precise stable position for the pendulum angle. In both control schemes a MATLAB simulink environment was used. The results show that under linearized model, FLC settled within 1.2 seconds without overshoot as compared with settling time of 92.0 seconds and 45% overshoot for PID. Similarly, for nonlinear model, settling time of 1.0 seconds and zero overshoots were recorded for FLC, whereas, settling time of 24.0 seconds, undershoot of -275% and a large value of 2.10 radians of steady state error were recorded for conventional PID controller. This implies that, Fuzzy logic controller proved to be more superior to the conventional PID controller most especially when the system is not linearized base on the performance index used. Therefore, both controllers can serve as valuable and effective controllers for the system.

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