Publication Date : 01/02/2014

Author(s) :

S.B. Ibrahim .

Volume/Issue :
Volume 9
Issue 1
(02 - 2014)

Abstract :

Continuous operation of induction motors is essential to the function of petrochemicals process plants. Fortunately, induction motors are inherently quite reliable. They are so reliable that standard practice had been simply to run the motors until they fail. Periodic visual inspection and lubrication have been the limit of maintenance practice. As petrochemicals plants have become larger and more integrated, requirements for reliable motor operation have increased. Many plants have induction motor populations in the thousands. Of these, several induction motors are vital to the continuous function of the plant. These critical motors have become the focus of reliability assurance programs. In addition to the necessity for continuous output from the plant, some induction motors are essential to safety. On-line condition monitoring of induction motor in critical applications has become increasingly necessary to improve their reliability and to minimize catastrophic failures. A method for the evaluation of the improvement of induction motor reliability made by such monitoring systems is presented. Simple probabilistic models are used to estimate the reliability levels, based on data collected from Indorama Eleme Petrochemicals Limited, Nigeria (IEPL) for a period of five years (2006-2011). Estimates are given for the reliability improvement of induction motors with monitoring systems. The results clearly indicate the viability of the comprehensive monitoring systems, in terms of the improvement in the reliability index. Comprehensive monitoring system is expected to raise the average annual reliability levels of induction motors operating in petrochemicals industries to over 97.44% for all the categories of squirrel cage induction motors with ratings in the range of 15 to 375Hp

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