Publication Date : 01/02/2011

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Volume/Issue :
Volume 6
Issue 1
(02 - 2011)

Abstract :

The solar “Kilishi” dryer developed here will eliminate the problems encountered in traditional methods of “Kilishi” drying. These problems include longer drying time and contamination from the environment. The solar “Kilishi” dryer was made up of: flat plate collector, duct, fan, temperature controller and drying chamber. The collector collects solar radiation and transmits heat to the space behind the absorber plate. The heat was transported to the duct; a fan at the drying chamber inlet blows the hot air into the drying chamber. Each component of the dryer was designed, constructed and assembled appropriately. The dryer was tested, the following parameters ware measured and recorded; absorber plate temperature, glass temperature, ambient temperature, drying chamber air inlet temperature and relative humidity, drying chamber outlet temperature and relative humidity and solar radiation at 30minutes intervals. Mass of meat was measured and recorded at 2hours interval from which the moisture content of the meat was calculated. When the moisture content was 14%, the meat was removed from the drying chamber and soaked in a prepared mix-powder solution for 30 minutes. The meat was returned to the drying chamber and the drying process continues. When the moisture content was 7%, the “Kilishi” was removed from the dryer and is ready for packaging. From the test results, the average collector efficiency was 74% and the overall system efficiency was 21% and drying time was nine hours.

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