Publication Date : 01/02/2010

Author(s) :

Garba, S, Abdu-Aguye, U. F, Ahmad, K, Musa, A.S.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 5
Issue 1
(02 - 2010)

Abstract :

The ability of a skilled attacker to trick detection by exploiting ambiguities at the traffic stream as seen by the monitor is a problem for protecting networks. The viability of addressing this problem by Mandating a firewall is discussed. The research work involves the examination of Fireman on a CON. nomining for its effectiveness against abases The firewall sits directly in the path of traffic and patches up the packet stream to eliminate potential ambiguities leading to an attack. Presented es a /hewed: implementation that ean authenticate, Nock or allow traffic stream with afficient headroom to weather a high-speed flooding (attack on packets. Routines test carried out are subdivided into security (performance) index, shuttling speed, and bandwidth consumption. From the data collected 'wag zonal alarm airman used). more than four-lifth (70% or more) of bytes sent on a packet are protected. Load Alarm practical implementation are carried out to detect viruses, spy wares. hackers, span& abuses in snail attachment, as they being downloaded. or sent on the network: to make traffic decisions without the present of an administrator: and to keep security log activities. The Zoned dorm storks more efficient because of its added qualities which include. hardware marines (segmentation processes. ffirwarding or blocking packet frames, and ascertaining band•ithh subscribed from the Werner service providers (ISP) front the readings obtained). and Software activities (eh:borate ktgging. examinatimt of traffic passing. detailed audit reports, and enforcement of conservative =Mt models monitoring). Firewalls authentication is performed at the instant of logging in, in which only militarized users are allowed. Any bridge causes complete blockage at the firewall. This fax tremendously assistance in promoting trust, reliability, and confidence between users and co-host. Zonal Alarm used isms integration of network and application layer firewalls. and equally coven ones where the administrator needs not to be physically present to monitor activities which are cling in Anti-Viruses.

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