Publication Date : 01/02/2010

Author(s) :

Makoyo, M.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 5
Issue 1
(02 - 2010)

Abstract :

A review of thermal spray process is presented. A substantial cross section, if not all, of the world industries have coating applications for a wide range of needs including restoration and repair, corrosion protection, wear protection of many types, such as abrasion, adhesive, fretting and erosion; thermal barriers or conductors; electrical circuits or insulators; near-net-shape manufacturing; seals; engineered emissivity, abradable coatings and decorative purposes. The article details the various methods of thermal spray such as Low velocity flame, High velocity oxy-fuel etc; materials used in thermal spray processes such as Single phase materials, Functional gradient materials etc; equipments used for spraying like plasmatrons, industrial applications of thermal spray, current researches in thermal spray in some countries, market potentials for the spray technology, its standardizations and the future of thermal spray technology. Thermal spray technology is easy to use, cost little to operate, and have attributes that are beneficial to applications in almost all industries.

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