Publication Date : 01/02/2008

Author(s) :

C. O, Izelu, D. K, Garba.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 3
Issue 1
(02 - 2008)

Abstract :

The transfer function method is utilized in the formulation of generalized mathematical models for technical analysis of poultry egg incubation systems, with a focus on the incubation chamber as the central and most critical element. Other elements of the systems are taken as auxiliary devices that deserve separate attention as soon as their requirements are compromised through this analysis. The observed common features and relationships in the existing incubation system designs form the bases for the generalized concept on which the governing initial-value ordinary differential equations of the unsteady state thermal equilibrium are derived using the transfer function method. The solution of these differential equations gives the response equations for the steady and unsteady state heating and cooling of the incubation systems. Sample designs are analysed to numerically validate the models, and to demonstrate their applications in real life design. The obtained results revealed the expected steady- and unsteady-state performance of these systems and suggest that the models are suitable for the design and analysis of incubation systems of any capacity and form. Through this effort, a theoretical basis is developed for evaluating existing designs prior to improvement; for evaluating new design concepts and ascertaining their feasibility prior to prototyping and commercialisation; and for investigating the system’s components interaction through the derived relationships amongst parameters. Awareness is also created, and design efforts harnessed towards the development of good indigenous designs using this rational approach.

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