Publication Date : 01/02/2007

Author(s) :

S. A Yaro, T. Dungka, F. Asuke.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 2
Issue 1
(02 - 2007)

Abstract :

In this work the possibility of up-grading a sample of iron ore from Muro iron ore deposit to a concentrate suitable for the production of pig iron using the conventional blast furnace process by dry magnetic separation method was investigated. The Muro iron ore deposit is located in Toto local Government area of Nasarawa State. The Iron ore deposit has an estimated reserve of 3.8 millions tonnes scattered over three different locations with an average iron content of 31.6% (Fe ) and silica content of 56.57%(SiO2). The concentration tests were carried out using a laboratory scale magnetic separation machine at a magnetic field intensity of 20 ampere per meter. The result of the concentration test s revealed that, an optimum grade of 57.19%Fe and recovery of 81.86% at particle size fraction of -80 + 63μm and with least value of 8.26% silica content could be attained. Based on the results obtained the concentrate produced might be used in iron production using the Blast furnace process route. However the economics of the process needs to be looked into as grinding the bulk of the ore directly to -80+63μm may be very expensive in the case of iron ore being a low priced commodity in the international market.

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