Publication Date : 09/10/2022

Author(s) :

Kiman Silas, Abdulhalim Musa Abubakar, Mohammed Modu Aji, Usman H. Taura, Jerome Undiandeya.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 17
Issue 3
(10 - 2022)

Abstract :

Characterizing chicken manure (CM) before anaerobic digestion (AD) and the kinetic awareness of the process resulting in minimum and maximum biogas product is important. CM is a hazardous animal residue and kinetics is rarely studied without co-digesting with other feedstocks. Objectives is to use POLYMATH 6.10 Educational Release and the Origin 2018 softwares to determine kinetic parameters in Modified Gompertz, Transfert, Cone and Logistic models used in biogas kinetic study and to propose the best model based on the characteristic of the CM used and the regression fitting. This is possible using regression parameters estimated by the two softwares using the Levenberg-Marquadt nonlinear technique. Findings shows that best model is Logistic, followed by Cone, Modified Gompertz, and Transfert model, in that order; though all the models puts biogas potential of CM at approximately 1m3 from 1:1 water-to-CM digestion with 63% methane, 29% carbondiooxide, 5.8% hydrogen, 1.4% hydrogen sulphide, 0.6% ammonia, 0.1% nitrogen and 0.1% moisture.

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