Publication Date : 22/07/2021

Author(s) :

Engr. Dr. Hassan Usman, Engr. Mohammed Ashiru, Engr. Saleh Babayo, Engr. Bello Ibrahim.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 16
Issue 3
(07 - 2021)

Abstract :

The aim of this study is to optimize the cost of RC pile foundation subjected to axial load using the The Generalised Reduced Gradient (GRG) optimization techniques which was embedded in MS Excel Solver Add-In tool. This optimization technique enables the designer to select the best and most economical design which meets the requirements as specified by the Eurocode 2 and 7. A computer model of the problem with the objective function subjected to its constraints was formulated in an MS Excel Spreadsheet. The model which includes automated and conventional design method was used to optimize the pile at several intensities of loading. The results obtained showed a cost that is averagely 30% optimum. The results demonstrated the simplicity and efficiency of the MS Excel Solver add-In tool with its embedded GRG function. The model developed can allow engineers to design and obtain optimum value of a RC pile within a very short time, thus reduces effort and saves time.

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