Integral Output-Based Command Shaping with Fuzzy Logic Control for a Single-Link Flexible Manipulator

Publication Date : 15/04/2021

Author(s) :

Musa Mohammed Bello, Auwalu Muhammad Abdullahi, Yusuf Adamu Abdullahi, Lubabatu Baballe Ila, Fatima Abdullahi Muhammad.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 16
Issue 2
(04 - 2021)

Abstract :

This paper presents a hybrid control approach of integral output-based command shaper with fuzzy logic controller (IOCSFLC) for vibration control of a single-link flexible manipulator system. A single-link flexible manipulator is an industrial manipulator used for pick and place operations, it consumes less power, operates at high speeds and deliver fast responses. However, it is faced with the problem of tip deflection and hub vibration. The tip deflection makes it difficult for positioning accuracy while, the hub vibration makes the load transportation unstable. In this research work, a hybrid controller (IOCSFLC) is designed to reduce both tip deflections and hub vibrations. The integral output-based command shaper (IOCS) reduces the tip deflection and eliminates steady state error while the fuzzy logic controller (FLC) control the hub vibration and positioning. The combined control signal was fed to the flexible manipulator system which successfully suppressed the vibration and achieved a precise tip deflection. To show the performance of the proposed hybrid controller, simulated results of the proposed controller (IOCSFLC) was compared against the results of the conventional fuzzy logic controller. It was shown that the IOCSFLC yielded an improvement in the reduction of the Maximum tip deflection by 93.4% as compared to conventional FLC.

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