Publication Date : 08/01/2021

Author(s) :

Dangora, N. D., Usman, A.G..

Volume/Issue :
Volume 16
Issue 1
(01 - 2021)

Abstract :

Performance Evaluation tests of a modified Soya bean thresher were carried out using TGX 1485 soybean variety. Cylinder drum speed, soybean feed rate, and kernel moisture content were used as independent variables. The performance tests of the soybean thresher were conducted at three levels of moisture content, (13.64, 11.3 and 9.12 % (w.b)), three levels of drum speeds (800, 850 and 900 rpm) and three levels of feed rates (200, 300 and 400 kg/h) by using a randomized complete block design (RCBD) in a 3x3x3 factorial experiment with three replications. The kernel moisture content was blocked to allow for natural variability of the soybean grain.Cleaning efficiency (%), scatter loss (%), output capacity (kg/h), and grain damage (%) were used as performance indicators. SAS statistical package version 9.5 was used for the analyses of results. All the independent variables have significant effect on the performance indicators. The range of performance values for the modified thresher are 94.81-99.13%, 1.79-3.74%, 76.24-211.06 kg/h and 1.83-14.00% for cleaning efficiency, scatter loss, output capacity and grain damage, respectively. For all combinations, the threshing efficiency was 100 %. Lowest mean grain damage of 1.83 % was obtained with the combination of 800 rpm, 400 kg/h and 13.64 % speed, feed rate and moisture content (wet basis) respectively. This is the requirement for seed processors which gives 156.17 kg/h, 94.81 % and 2.20 % for Output Capacity, Cleaning efficiency and Scatter loss respectively. The best combination for food processors is a combination of 400 kg/h, 13.64 %, 900 rpm for feed rate, kernel moisture and speed, respectively. This combination gave 211.06 kg/h, 97.39 %, 2.86 % and 2.80 % for Output Capacity, Cleaning efficiency, Scatter loss and Mechanical grain damage respectively.

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