Publication Date : 30/12/2020

Author(s) :

Sunmonu Olushola Musiliu, Sanusi Mayowa Saheed, Hussein Jelili Babatunde, Anjorin Ismaila Babatunde, Abodunrin Tolulope Oyinboola, Adeleke John Olumide.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 16
Issue 1
(12 - 2020)

Abstract :

Dough kneading is an essential operation which enhances the development of gluten that gives bread its structure. Manual dough kneading is laborious, energy sapping and time consuming, even at a small-scale level of production. This study focused on the development of a kneading machine and evaluation of the effects of beaters type (elbow, flat and wired) on the physical qualities of bread. The kneader performance was evaluated based on kneading time, kneading efficiency and kneading capacity. The physical properties of the bread in terms of volume, bulk density and weight loss for each beater was measured and analysed statistically at p<0.05. Result shows that kneading time varied significantly based on beater type. Optimum kneading time was achieved at 20 min, 27 min and 35 min for elbow, flat and wired beaters respectively. The optimum kneading efficiency and capacity were found to be 90.13% and 18 kg/h while using elbow beater. From the product evaluation, the beater type had no significant effect at p<0.05 on the volume, bulk density and weight loss of the bread produced using the developed kneader. The developed dough kneading machine was efficient for the production of bread when using the elbow beater.

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