Publication Date : 09/06/2020

Author(s) :

Nura Jafar Shanono.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 15
Issue 2
(06 - 2020)

Abstract :

Water is known to sustain life and nothing on this earth can viably serve as a substitute for water. This among other reasons necessitated the need to manage water with the utmost care by considering all sources of problems. Until now, human behaviour-induced problems are rarely put into consideration in water management strategies. Most of the previous water management policies lack explicit ethical basis and neglected the effect of the underlying human norms and values. Moreover, the majority of the water stakeholders are either ethically unaware or have no will to efficiently and sustainability use and manage water. Some of the problems affecting the water sector include unauthorised releases, unlawful water abstractions, tampering with water meters, water wastage behaviour and discharge of untreated or poorly treated wastewater into rivers and other fraudulent incidences. On the other hand, ethics-based approaches have been reportedly linked to a significant improvement in the water sectors. Despite these negative and positive effects of societal norms and values, behaviour-induced problems have not attracted much interest in the current water researches. Although, some pioneering studies in the field of socio-hydrology have recently attempted to dynamically couple human characteristics (the social aspect) with various water systems (the hydrological aspect). The aim was to assess the impact of human behaviour on those water systems, and how water systems could, in turn, shapes human in terms of their well-being and subsequent decision. This paper, therefore, highlighted on the insights gained from the previous socio-hydrological and other water-related interdisciplinary studies thereby informing future socio-hydrological-based water management studies and water policy-makers.

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