A Price based Charging Strategy for Electric Vehicle Management in Distribution Grid

Publication Date : 18/11/2019

Author(s) :

Gaddafi Sani Shehu, Abdullahi Bala Kunya, Mukhtar Fatihu Hamza.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 15
Issue 1
(11 - 2019)

Abstract :

As an importance of the growths in electric transportation and the advancement toward smart grids, large-scale placement of smart charging strategies for electric vehicles (EVs) becomes practicable. This leads to prospects for diverse market parties to use the flexibility of EVs for various objectives that may be conflicting and result in a no optimal shifting of peak demands for the distribution grids. Electric vehicle charging in distribution grid brings a new set of the load's profile to the grid, causing significant power quality related problems, creating grid congestions, and converting distribution operator from facility manager to congestion manager. To mitigate these problems a number of methods are presented in literature, from renewable energy integration to price control regulation. In our approach, a new set of algorithms for based on flexible price and reactive power injection control for electric vehicle charging are compare and proposed so that typical real world scenarios are depicted. The algorithms are designed to support the existing grid infrastructure and contribute in reducing charging burden to the grid. The new approach will enable electric vehicles and loads to goes beyond exchanging power with the grid, but also allow efficient exploitation of the current grid capacity, thus facilitating higher penetration of electric vehicles charging station at a reduced cost and carbon emission. The proposed approach is tested on IEEE 33-bus distribution grid test system using Matlab environment.

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