Publication Date : 01/02/2019

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Volume/Issue :
Volume 14
Issue 1
(02 - 2019)

Abstract :

In this study, the engineering properties of the medullary (sub-dormal) zone of a Nigerian grown deleb palm timber was assessed in the laboratory based on BS EN 13183-1 (2002), BS EN 408 (2003) and ASTM D193 (2000) standards. Samples of the timber specie were procured and cut to various sizes for determinations of moisture content, density and strengths in compression and flexure based on the three point bending technique using a Cussons made universal testing machine. Results indicate that the assessed timber was dry and of relatively high density. Average moisture content and density of the samples obtained were 4.72 % and 766.24 kg/m3 respectively. Flexural strength assessments indicate that the deleb palm wood have strength ranging from 62.34 to 75.43 N/mm2. Compressive strength for specimens loaded parallel to grain for the deleb palm timber ranges from 10.50 to 12.08 N/mm2 while the compressive strength for specimens loaded perpendicular to grain as 2.19 to 3.07 N/mm2, much lower than those loaded parallel to grains as consistent with results of other timbers in the literature. Typical failure modes observed were splitting and brooming failure modes for the deleb palm timber under compression for specimen of height measuring 450 mm. For specimens between 75 and 100 mm the failure modes observed were crushing and shearing respectively. The material here assessed can be suitably used in structural applications and as viable alternative to popular hardwoods.

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