Publication Date : 01/08/2017

Author(s) :

Maina, M.M. , Zakari, M.D. .

Volume/Issue :
Volume 12
Issue 2
(08 - 2017)

Abstract :

Excessive fertilizers were applied to crops due to lack of precise nutrients content assessment of soil and water in SawahSempadan area. However, assessing the nutrients elements content of the irrigation water is essential in prescribing fertilizeron the irrigated farm. Three water samples were obtained from the study area in four different locations; Canal, Field, Drains and Shallow groundwater. These samples were subjected to a standard method of chemical analysis to quantify the following parameters; pH, Turbidity, Alkalinity, Potassium, Nitrate, Ammonia and Phosphorus. The results showed all were within the safe range for plants growth. While the quantity of some of the major fertilizer components such as nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus were significantly high. The canal water contained 118.4 kg/ha and 8.6 kg/ha of potassium and phosphorus respectively, these quantities were significant enough to affect the rate at which fertilizeris being applied to the farm. The total amount of potassium added by canal water amount to 20% of the total fertilizer applied throughout the season. Following these findings, it is strongly recommended that fertilizer application should not be based on soil nutrient mapping only but also nutrients content of irrigation water. This will reduce the cost of inputs, soil damage and increase profit.

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