Publication Date : 01/08/2015

Author(s) :

Dauda, M., Folayan, C.O., Kuburi, L.S., Yaro, S.A., Aderemi, O.O..

Volume/Issue :
Volume 10
Issue 2
(08 - 2015)

Abstract :

The study investigated the possibility of producing Iron oxide based arc welding electrodes flux using mill scales from Katsina Rolling Mill. The mill scales were collected, prepared and analyzed; using the Oxford 800 X supreme XRF machine. The report of the analysis shows the presence of predominantly Iron oxide which is an important constituent in electrode coating. Two level multivariate resolution Hadamard Matrix Design Model was adopted in the formulation of the flux. The model was used to generate twelve different flux composition mixtures but the first four were chosen to produce the electrodes. The weldments from these samples were subjected to tensile, hardness and impact tests. It was observed that the weldment from one of the produced electrode could withstand a tensile strength of up to 453N/mm2.The Rockwell hardness test value on one of the samples gave an average value of 46.6 kgf. The maximum impact energy was also found to be 94.9 J on the sample welded with electrode type D.

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