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Volume:15 Issue:3 2020

Sr No. Article Information
Author(s): M. L. Attanda, Attanda M. L., S. Abdulhakeem, M. S. Abubakar, H. Ajeigba.
Page No : 1-14
Author(s): M. Abubakar, M. Dauda, L. S. Kuburi.
Page No : 15-27
Author(s): Awah, Chukwuemeka Chijioke.
Page No : 28-34
Author(s): Mohammed Auwal, ADEOGUN Babatunde Korode, MUHAMMAD Mujahid Muhammad, ABDULLAHI SULE ARGUNGU.
Page No : 35-49
Author(s): Christopher Akinyemi Alabi, Usman A.D., Sani S.M..
Page No : 50-59
Author(s): Adamu Abubakar Rasheed, Muftahu N. Yahya.
Page No : 60-69
Author(s): Obiomah, K.O , Ugwu, S. J , Ismail, S. U .
Page No : 70-89
Author(s): Bala Boyi Bukata, Bala Boyi Bukata.
Page No : 90-99
Author(s): Alhassan Fahad, Lawal Muhammad Isah.
Page No : 100-109
Author(s): Idoko, J. A, Abubakar, I. N, Yusuf, H. M, Mustapha, B. M, Adegboye, B. A.
Page No : 110-123
Author(s): Ezeonye, C. S, Okpo, E. E, Nkan, I. E, Okoro, O. I.
Page No : 124-133
Author(s): Rayyan Mamuda Dodo, T. Ause, E. T. Dauda, U. Shehu, J. O. Gaminana.
Page No : 134-143

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