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Editorial Board Membership: To be eligible for appointment as member BJET Editorial Board, one needs to possess the following qualities:

  1. Be a staff of Bayero University, Kano;
  2. Have a proven record of research and scholarship relevant to the field of engineering and technology;
  3. Have experience of editorial revision for publication;
  4. Have the ability to communicate effectively with authors and editors;
  5. Be able to participate in a collaborative editorial process;
  6. Be able to propose and undertake initiatives to improve the image of the BJET;
  7. Possess high organizational skills and be well networked in the community of scholars.

Members on the Editorial Board of BJET serve as Associate Editors as outlined below:

  1. Editor – in- Chief Prof. Dahiru Sani Shuaibu;
  2. Prof. I.A. Rufai – Energy Systems Engineering and Applied Mechanics;
  3. Prof. I. Abdullahi – Manufacturing, Industrial and Materials Engineering;
  4. Prof. O.A.U. Uche – Civil Structures and Materials;
  5. Prof. B. Muhammad – Water Resources and Geo-technical Engineering;
  6. Prof. H.M. Alhassan – Transportation and Highway Engineering;
  7. Dr. M.M. Maina – Soil, Water and Environmental Engineering;
  8. Prof. M.S. Abubakar – Food Processing Engineering and Technology;
  9. Prof. M.S. Abubakar – Farm Power and Machinery;
  10. Prof. M. Ajiya – Information and Communication Technology;
  11. Prof. S.I. Birnin Kudu – Electrical Network and Power Systems;
  12. Dr. N. Salahuddeen – Chemical and Petroleum Engineering;
  13. Dr. M. Mohammed – Soft Computing and Control Engineering;
  14. Prof. D.S. Shu’aibu – Electronics and Telecommunication;
  15. Prof. D.S. Shu’aibu – Sensors and Devices.

  16. Other members of the Editorial Board:
  17. Sub-Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Bayero University, Kano

Job Description: A member of the Editorial Board (an Editor) of BJET has the following responsibilities:

  1. Attending meetings of the Board as may be arranged from time to time;
  2. When assigned responsibility for a submission, arranging the reviewing process;
  3. Evaluating the results, making a written recommendation to the Editor-in-Chief or Editorial Board;
  4. Providing reviews, when invited, of papers submitted for consideration;
  5. Bringing to the attention of the Board potential contributors;
  6. Acting as a source of advice to authors;
  7. When assigned editor of a paper which has been provisionally accepted, liaising with the author(s) to oversee revisions and preparation for publication;
  8. Liaising with the Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor and Associate Editors to ensure the efficient conduct of the business of the Editorial Board;
  9. Be willing to serve the author, reviewer, journal owner, scientific community and the public in line with the best practices as outlined by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

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