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The aim of Bayero Journal of Engineering and Technology (BJET) is to published a high impact research in the field of Engineering and Technology. The Journal has qualified editorial board members. The mission and vision of the Editorial Board of the BJET has always been to “publish a learned Journal to disseminate scholarship in all fields of Engineering and Technology that can parallel its peers globally”. Authors and contributors have being, to a large extent, complying with the regulations governing publishing in the journal. 

The board is very much concerned with the growing trend of publication misconduct such as fabrication, falsification and plagiarism around the World. The Editorial Board of BJET frowns at any form of publication misconduct and pledges to institute a mechanism for detecting and appropriate handling of any form of publication misconduct. Authors, reviewers and readers are therefore, advised to educate themselves with all forms of publication misconduct and their consequences. Be informed of the publication paradigm – “publish ethically or perish”. The board of BJET wishes to further emphasize that adherence to the guidelines by authors and reviewers shall enhance the efficiency of processing their manuscripts. As the board acknowledges the cooperation and support of all contributors, reviewers and editorial advisers in making the BJET what it is today, criticisms and suggestions from all stakeholders, aimed at improving our processes, are highly appreciated

About BayeroJet

The new Bayerojet Journal is designed to be able to manage the increasing number of published articles. The new system will allow the publishers as well as the Bayerojet team to make publishing more efficient. If you wish to publish an article it will be very easy. All you have to do is to submit your paper online and wait to the review before it will be finally published. You can manage your articles and send new versions at any time. Browse through our page to find out more.