Table of Content Vol. 12. No. 2 August 2017

Bayero Journal of Engineering and Technology (BJET)


Table of Contents

1   Assessment Of Mechanical And Microstructural Properties Of Al-3%Mg/Sicp  Composite By *         Kuburi, L.S., Dauda M., Yaro, S.A. and Abdulwahab, M.                                          pdf here

2  Desing And Simulation Of Circular Patch Antenna With A Reconfigurable  Polarization By B. D     Bala, B. Muhammad, R. A. Zakariyya, M. A. Saleh and  A. N. Hamza                         Pdf Here

3  Microstrip Patch Antenna Array With Gain Enhancement For Wlan Applications  By B. D Bala,      B. Muhammad, A. M.  Abdu, A. Y. Iliyasu  and  A. Tijjani                                         pdf here

4  Regressions and Back Propagation Neural Network Models for Predicting Highway                      Construction Duration In Nigeria By Baba Shehu Waziri and Yusuf Isa                         pdf here

5  Excitation Signal For Identification Of Ill- Conditioned Non-Linear Process By               Sha’aban  Y. A, A. Mohammad, Aminu A. Hamisu  and  K. Ahmad                                  pdf here

6 Comparative Study Of Epoxy-Based Composite Reinforced With Different Plant  Fibres By           Sumaila M, and Ibhadode A.O.A.                                                                              pdf here

7 Application Of Artificial Neural Network For Diagnosis of Tuberculosis  Mycobacterium (Tb)        In Infected Lungs  Using Image Processing Techniques  By Habibu Rabiu, Aishatu O. Obahor        and Ado Dan Isa                                                                                                       Pdf Here

8 Irrigation Water Quality Assessment For Soil Nutrients Contents At Tanjung Karang Irrigation      Scheme Malaysia  By M. M. Maina and  M.D. Zakari                                                    pdf here

9 Development Of A Simple Prediction Model For Soil Compaction Due To Wheel Traffic In           Samaru - Zaria By Attanda M. L. and Abubakar M.S.                                                  pdf here 

10 Comparative Analysis of Combustion Behaviour of Rice Husk Pellets With Charcoal By Shuka, M.A. and  Yola, I.A                                                                                                     Pdf here 

11 Performance of Shea Butter Biodiesel As Fuel For A Compression Ignition Engine By Muhammad, H. and Yola, I.A.                                                                                      Pdf here

12 Possibility of Extracting Solar Grade Silicon From Rice Husk Ash By Lawal, U. and Rufai, I.A.                                                                                                                                   Pdf here

13  ANFIS Based Power Quality Solution Using Unified Power Quality Conditioner by Bukata,        B.B.                                                                                                                      Pdf here

 14 Pressure Head Analysis of Water Distribution Networkof Bauchi Metropolis by Dan’azumi, S. and Abdullahi, S.Y.                                                                                                    Pdf here 

15 Effects of Shelf Life on Colour Removal From Natural Coagulants Seeds Extracts by  Yadima, S.G, Babagana Sa’ad  and Ibrahim, U.A.                                                                      Pdf Here