Table of Contents Vol. 3, No. 1 (February 2008)

1  Reliability Based rating for Reinforced Concrete Columns by O.A.U. Uche, and J. O. Afolayan

Reliability Investigation of Structural design parameters of fixed Column strip Roofings  by Abubakar Idris

3  Analysis of Paultry of Poultry Eggs Incubation Systems Transfer Function by C. O. Izelu &D. K. Garba

4  An Assessment of Properties of Concrete Made with Rice Husk Ash as Partial Replacement of Cement by D. Dahiru & I. K. Zubairu

5  Atterberg Limit Properties of Lateritic Soil Admixed with Lime-Rice Husk Ash by M. O. A. Mtallib

Loss Minimization and Voltage Compensation With Facts Devices Using Genetic Algorithm by J. Katende & M. S. Haruna

7  Determination of Suitable Probability Distribution Models For Peak Flood Level Series of Selected Gauging Stations in the Niger and Benue Rivers. By W. A. Salami & N. A. Egharevba

8  Comparative Sulphate Resistance of Pozzolanic Cement Mortars by M. M. Garba & M. A. Tahir

9  Evaluation of Maintenance Works Accumulation in Public Housing: (A Case Study of Bauchi State Housing E States by M. M. Garba & J. M. Musa

10  Mechanical Properties of Drawn Aluminium  Wire Using Fatty-Based Locally Available Oil As Lubricants by A. M. Jumare, S. Y. Aku, F. O. Anafi & R. B. O. Suleiman

11  Exploring the Suitability of Coconut Fibre As Reinforcement in Hand-Lay Up Fibre Reinforced Plastic Composite Via Compression Test by A. S. Sadiq

12  Estimation Global Solar Radiation From Sunshine Hours For Zaria, Nigeria by R. B. O. Suleiman, D. M. Kulla, A. M. Jumare & F. O. Anafi

13  A Modified Septics/SOAK-AWAY System with Available Local Materials as Filter  By E. N Ogork

14  Evaluation of the Magnitude of Cost Overrun in Public and Private Building Projects in Nigeria, by M. O. A. Mtallib

15  Production and Comparative Analysis of the Chemical and Mechanical Properties of Imported and Locally Produced Light Weight Vehicle (Peugeot 504) Brake Drum by I. A. Madugu, O. B. Oloche & F. O. Atoma