Table of Contents Vol. 10 No. 2 (August 2015)

1   Study of the Physical and Mechanical Properties of Rice Husk Ash Reinforced Plastic Composite by Adamu, U. and Abdullahi, I. pg 1-8 pdf here

2   Determination of Acceptable Retransmission Limit for a Wireless Campus Area Network by Tekanyi, A. M. S,  Muazu, M. B. and Dajab, D. D. 9-19 pdf here

3 A Review on the Application of Resistance Spot Welding of Automotive Sheets by Manladan S. M, Abdullahi, I. and Hamza, M. I 20-37 pdf here

4 Development of a Serial-Input Electronics Key by Jibia A. U. pdf here

5 Hydraulic Infrastructures and Institutional Assessment of Watari Irrigation Project, Kano by Shanono, N.J; A.A. Sabo; N.M. Nasidi; M.D. Zakari; M. Mohammed; H. Isma’il and  A.G. Halilu pdf here

6. Rice Parboiling Practices and Techniques in Kano State by Bello, M. M,  Abubakar M. S, and Lawan I, pdf here

7. Rain Water Hervesting Quality Assessment and Utilization in Kwali Area FCT Abuja by Bello, M. M. and Mogaji, N. pdf here

8. Modification of IAR Axial Flow Sorghum Thresher  By N. A. Saleh,  U. S. Mohammad, M. A. Gwarzo and I. S. Idrish pdf here  

9. Load Stability Assessment of Shiroro-Zamfara Radial Network in Nigeria by Abdullahi, Y. M,  Magaji  N. and Ibrahim, S. B. pdf here

10.Formulation and Characterization of Welding Electrode Flux Using Katsina Rolling Mill Scales By Dauda, M.; Folayan, C.O.; Kuburi, L.S.; Yaro, S.A. And Aderemi, O.O. pdf here

11 Cooling Load Evaluation for a Prototype Passive Evaporative Cooler By Aliyu, A. B.; Sambo, A. S. and Adamu, A. A. pdf  here

12 An Inventory of Manual and Animal-Drawn Planters Available for Adoption in Northern Nigeria By Ahmad, H. I. and Ibrahim, A. pdf here

13. Development of Cutting Fluid From Yellow Oleander (Thevetia Pruvenssia) Seed Oil by Abdulkareem,B. and  Abdullahi, A.T pdf here