Table of Contents Vol. 5, No 2 (August 2010 )

1  Comparative Study Of The California Bearing Ratio Test And Undrained Triaxialcompressive Strength Test For Lateritic Soils by Aboshio, A.  pp1-4 

2  Probabilistic Design Sensitivity Of Glulam Beams Exposed To Fire by Abubakar, I. And Sholadoye, I. O.  pp 5-15 

3  Determination Of The Optimal Moisture Content For Expendable Foundry Sand Cores Bonded With Nigerian Acacia Species by   Ademoh, N. A. And Abdullahi, A.T. (A) pp. 16-20 

4  Effects Of Variation Of Baking Temperature And Time On Tensile Strength Of Foundry Sand Cores Bonded With Nigerian Gum Arabic by Ademoh, N.A. And Abdullahi, A.T. (B) pp 21-26 

5  Thermal Efficiency And Specific Fuel Consumption Of Common Household Cookstoves In Bauchi  Adeyemi, K. O. pp 27-32 

6  Review Of Configurations And Applications Of Fiber Optical Parametric Amplifiers by Ajiya, M.  pp 33-43 

7  Study Of Induced Compaction By Wheel Traffic On Soil Strength In Samaru, Nigeria by Attanda, M.L. pp44-51 

8  A Simple Rainfall-Runoff Model For Water Harvesting In Semi-Arid Region Of North Eastern Nigeria by Audu pp 52-62  

9  Effects Of Different Tillage Methods On Some Selected Physical Properties Of Soil by  Balami, A. A.; Abdullahi, A.; And Rufai, I. A. pp 63-67 

10  Handling Network Intrusion: Normalizations Traffic Trade-Off, Attacks, And Security Garba, S.; Mas’ud, A.A.; Abdu-Aguye, U-F; And Jibril, Y. pp68-77 

11  Potentials Of Unsaturated Polyester–Groundnut Shell Composite As Material In Building Industry by Abdullahi, I. And Umar, A.A. pp 78-84  

12  Reliability-Based Assessment Of Simply Supported Hollow-Pot Slabs by Ogork, E.N. And Wasiu, J.  pp85-94 

13  Extraction And Characterisation Of Senna–Tora (Tafasa) Seed Oil For Engineering Applications by Suleiman, B. And Umar, A. A. pp95-103 

14  Investigation Into The Properties Of Long-Span Aluminium Roofing Materials Used In Construction Industries In Nigeria by  Uche,O.A.U  And Oyedipe, A.K.  pp 104-108 

15  Performance Evaluation Of A Solar Cassava Dryer With A Subsidiary Heating Source Zagga, M.B. And Garba, I. pp 109-116