Table of Contents Vol. 5, No. 1 February 2010

 Comparative Study on the Corrosion Rate of Gray and Ductile Cast Iron in HCl Solution by Abdulwahab, M; Muhammed, R. A.; Asuke, F.; Madugu, I. A & Johnson, C. O.

2  Temperature Analysis in Flash Butt-Welded Axi-Symmetric Circular Sections Using Numerical Methods by Adedayo, S. M & Irehovbude, S. O. 

3  Determination of Propagation Frequency For PHCN Powerline Carrier Systems by Adegboye B. A.

4  Review of Fiber Optical Parametric Amplifiers  by  Ajiya, M.

5  An Investigation of the Effect of Post-Consumer and Internal Scraps on the Mechanical Properties of Recycled PVC Pipes by Alhaji. A. U & Fatai R.O.

Comparative Operational Characteristics of A Direct Injection Engine on Petrodiesel and Its Blends With Jatropha Biodiesel by Bebeji, Y.A. & Rufa’i, I.A.

Prediction of Yield in Irrigated Pearl Millet Using DSSAT Simulation  Model by Maina, M. M & Eghrevba, N. A.

8  Prospects for the Development and Utilization of Offshore Wind Turbines in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria   by  El-jummah A. M.; Abubakar, A. B; Abba-Aji, M. A

9  Application of Pinch Technology and Energy Integration  Technique in Vacuum Distillation Unit of KRPC by Garba I

10  A Review of Thermal Spray Technology by Makoyo, M

11  Investigations on Some Performance Parametres of An Engine-Operated Stationary Maize Dehusker Sheller by D. D. Nalado

12  “KATSI” (Dye Residue Ash) as an Admixture in Concrete  by Ogork, E. N. & Koko, N.M.S

13  Durability Assessment of Concrete Made With Rice Husk Ash As Admixture by  Ogork, E.N; Aboshio, A. & Balami, D.A

14  A Review of the Evolution and Development of Anaerobic Digestion Technology by Rufai, I.A.

15  Characterisation Of Wear Debris In Failed Bearings Grease Of Heavy Duty Trucks by Temitayo, I.A. & Alhaji A. U.

16  Generation and Disposal of Solid Household Wastes in “Jan-Bulo” and “Bakin-Bulo” Residential Areas of Kano City by  Bobboi Umar & Habib I. Ahmad

17  Effect of Some Aggressive Media on Compressive Strength of Concrete by Uche, O.A.U.; Ejeh, S. P.; Idris, A & Amarty, Y.

18  Application of Firewall to Internet Cafes: A Case Study of Zonal Alarm Firewall, by Garba, S; Abdu-Aguye, U. F.; Ahmad, K. & Musa, A. S.