Table of Contents Vol. 4, No. 2 August 2009


1  Effects of Moisture Content on Thermal Conductivity of Cassava Tuber by Osunde Z. D 

2  Application of Probability Distribution Models on Studying the Characteristics of Meteorological Variables in Ibadan and Its Environs by salami, A.W. and  Yusuf, I.T.

3  Environmental Assessment of Renewable Fuels Technology by Rufai, I. A.

Application of Markov Analysis to Manpower Planning in A Refinery: A Case Study of Kaduna Refining and Petrochemical Company Limited (KRPC) by  Momoh O. A.   and Salihi A.

5  Properties of Powdered Locust Bean Pod (“Makuba”) Concrete by E.N. Ogork  & T. A. Ibu

6  Influence of Neem Seed Husk Ash (NSHA) on Engineering Properties of Residual Lateritic Soil by Uche, O.A.U & Abubakar, N. M

7  An Evaluation of the Accuracy of Cost Estimates in Public Building Projects in Nigeria by Mukhtar   M. M. & Zubairu   I. K.

8  Strength Modelling of Axially Loaded   Doka (Isoberlinia Doka) Timber Column  by A. A. Jimoh,

Design of An Infrastructure Wireless Local Area Network For A Multi Storey Building Complex By  Gonoh B. A. & Bello O. O. 

10.  Wind-Induced Dynamic Study of Communication Masts in Northern Nigeria by Gambo, A.H; Ogork, E.N; & Aboshio, A.

11  Physico-Chemical Properties of Jatropha Oil From Nothern Nigeria by Mohammed M.I. & Bajauro A.M.

12  Comparison of Empirical and Semi-Empirical Propagation Loss Models For GSM in an Urban Environment  by  D. D. Dajab, S. E. Ogundapo & J. Y. Oricha

13  The Effect of Calcium Treatment on the Size and Number of Inclusions in Steel by Agboola, O. F

14  Rice Husk Ash as Admixture in Concrete by Aboshio, A.; Ogork E.N. & Balami D.A.

15  Reliability Evaluation of 11KV Disribution Network For Gwarinpa Housing Estate, Abuja by  B. A. Gonoh & Danliti Inusa