Table of Contents Vol. 7, No 1 & 2  (August 2012)

1     Steady State Performance of SPWM-FED Single Phase Induction Generator by Gonoh B. A. and Sabo M, L pp.1-6

2    Simulation Studies of Heat Exchangers in UNTL Kaduna by Garba, I and Yahaya, D. B. .pp7-13

3  Assessment of Quality-Related Attributes of Project Managers for Successful Construction Project Execution in Nigeria by Aliyu M, M. pp14-20

4    Development and Evaluation of a Potato Slicing Machine by Yusuf, A. O. and Abdullahi, I.  pp 21 - 28

5  An Overview of Thermal Hydraulic Behaviour of the First Nigeria Nuclear Research Reactor (NIRR-I) Manifesting to its Inherent Safety by Abubakar, N and Yahaya, D. B. pp.29 - 33

6   An Appraisal of Cost Contingency Management Practice for Building Projects in Nigeria by Mukhtar, M. M.; Bala, K and Zubair, I. K. pp34 - 38

7  Evaluation Criteria for Hand-Guided Vibratory Rollers in Compaction of Laterites for Road Maintenance Works by Adedokun, T. A. Uche, O.A.U and Abdulkadir, S pp 39 - 44

8   Reactions of Copper and Chromium with External Surface of Water Pipelines in Soil. by Abdulfatah, A. Y; Adedokun, T. A; Umar, M and Yunusa, G. H. pp.45 - 55

9   Effect of Rice Husk Ash Stabilization on the Compressive Strength of Oil Contaminated Soil by Ijimdiya, T. S. and Onwude L. U. pp 56 - 61

10   Modeling an Inverter for Use as a Single Phase Induction Generator by Gonoh, B. A. and Sabo M, L pp.62 - 70

11  Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Neem Seed Husk Ash Concrete by Ejeh, S. P and Musa, N. M.  pp.71 - 74

12  Properties of Rice Husk-Lime-Cement Concrete by Aliyu M. M. and Abdullahi, Y. I. pp.75 - 80

13  A Review of the Time Domain Methods for MultiComponent Transient Signal Analysis by Jibia A. U.  pp.81 - 87

14  Investigation on the Suitability of Sawdust for Improving the Compressive Strength of Fibre Reinforced Polyester Composite by Sadiq, A. S. and Adisa A. B. pp.88 - 92

15  Direct Current (DC) Generation From a Refurbished Automotive Alternator Using a Stationary Bicycle by Abubakar I.  pp 93 - 99

16  Porosity and Permeability Analysis of River-Bed Sand for Evaporative Cooling Structures by Aliyu A. B and Sambo, A. S.  .pp.100 - 108

17    Design, Construction and Installation of Sprinkler Irrigation System by Zakari, M. D.; Maina, M. M; Abubakar, M. S; Shanono, N. J; Lawan, I; Tadda, M. A. and Nasidi N. M. pp 109 -117

18  Determination of the Spray Droplet Size Spectrum from Dual-Purpose Disc Agrochemical Application. by Abubakar M. S.  pp 118 -123